What's happening near you?

Posted by  Paul Seal on July 31, 2019

Until I had gone to my first meetup, I didn't realise how comforting and safe it would feel to be around like minded people. When I started going to meetups, I realised that there were other people out there who liked the same things I do, and I could have decent conversations with them face to face. With that in mind I would encourage to you attend a meetup if you can.

We love to hear great talks at meetups

We love to hear great talks at meetups

Here are some popular Umbraco meetups, some of them are virtual meetups.

Umbraco for Edinburgh Developers and Users

EDINBUUG is a chance to chat about all things Umbraco - whether you are someone who uses Umbraco for their website, you're a developer who builds Umbraco websites or maybe you are a project manager who works with clients who have Umbraco websites - come along. Everyone is welcome.

Melbourne Umbracian Meetup

The purpose is to get together, discuss and learn a little about Umbraco having some fun while doing so. Whether there are two of us or 22, the event will go forward, so come along and take part!

The London Umbraco Meetup

The London Umbraco Meetup Group is a monthly meetup for Umbraco devotees and newbies to come along, learn and share their knowledge and to also gently spread the umbraco love to all.

We aim to meet each month, where you can have a chat and a beer with other fellow Umbracians.

We also try and mix it up by having talks by both Umbraco and non-Umbraco

Dutch Umbraco User Group

To get Umbraco in the picture in the Netherlands: that's what we aim for with the Dutch Umbraco User Group (DUUG)! It's a platform for and by professionals working with the most applied .net CMS in Europe. DUUG will inspire, inform, convince and reinforce.

Umbraco Leeds Meetup

Umbraco Leeds is a monthly meetup group for anyone involved or interested in Umbraco. Whether you're a developer, content editor, project owner or just curious to hear about what it's all about - come along to one of our meetups and you'll be sure of a warm and friendly welcome.

Sydney Umbraco Meetup

This is the group for passionate Umbraco developers and users in the Sydney area to meetup every couple of months. Sometimes it may be at the Glenmore on The Rocks or it could be a presentation based on Umbraco hosted by a local agency.

Belgian Umbraco User Group Meetup

The Belgian Umbraco Meet Up is an open space to come learn and meet umbraco people and agencies in the Belgian area, we however welcome umbracians from all parts of the globe and you are welcome to attend.

Umbraco DK Meetup

We are a networking group for everyone who loves Umbraco!

Meetups are organized in Odense, Aarhus, Copenhagen and where there are enthusiasts who want to arrange something. There will be presentations, hands-on sessions, display of the delicious things you've made in Umbraco or something else.

Glasgow Umbraco User Group (GLUUG)

The Glasgow Umbraco Users' Group (GLUUG) is a networking group for anyone interested in Umbraco. We have regular social meetups where people can come and chat to friendly and like-minded Umbraco folk. We also have more formal presentation-based meetups where experts in the community share their knowledge and usually kick-start some lively debates!

So come along and chat to some friendly folk over a beer and some pizza at our next meetup :)